The TRAX system helps OOH media companies manage and monetize inventory quickly and efficiently.


  • Real-time optimization
  • Generate highly targeted campaigns within seconds
  • Open access to more clients
  • Deliver inventory reliably and accurately.



People make long and short journeys outside the home every day.
Brands want to target particular groups of consumers effectively during their journeys.


You have the OOH inventory to reach these consumers.


The most valuable sites to Brands are ones which deliver accurate audience data.


How do you communicate this to interested Brands?

You need a pioneering inventory management system that allows you to optimize your signage.


Provide Brand’s specific target audience, whilst letting you take control and save time.


Use TRAX to reach new clients, improve inventory sales, limit void signage, and increase revenue.


What features does the TRAX system offer Out-of-home vendors ?

TRAX identifies optimal revenue sources based on geography, time, supply and demand – leveraging real-time analysis technology to ensure you get the best return on your inventory.
  • Advanced inventory management systems.
  • Dynamic pricing capabilities.
  • Pipeline analytics.
TRAX enables you to go beyond just price and location and shift the vendor/buyer conversation to the actual audience you can deliver. Generating a bespoke sales deck in seconds means your team can concentrate on building better client relationships.

  • Proprietary geo-targeted audience profile technology.
  • Bespoke client interfaces.
Reach more advertisers interested in your inventory. Publish your tariff within the platform or even offer custom pricing — without the risk of data leakage.

  • Adaptable sales pack generation.
  • Secure and confidential transactions.
  • Consolidated approval process and IO generation.
  • Automatic RFP updates.
Do you have the right level of operational costs to maximize the delivery of your inventory to your customers? How well is the current inventory deployed and is it over or under performing? Are you developing new inventory that delivers the right audiences for the Brands in your market? Employment of The TRAX Platform will:

  • Decentralize planning and sales and centralize trading.
  • Identify and re-deploy poor inventory.
  • Highlight where excess resources can be better deployed.
  • Develop inventory in line with customers target audiences.
Empower your management, sales and operations teams to work productively and profitably together. Ensure that all stakeholders have secured access to the insights and analytics necessary to propel your business forward.

  • Easy to use dashboard analytics.
  • Maintain multiple user profiles.
  • Visualize performance with a suite of graphic tools.