The TRAX system allows advertisers access to the broadest collection of OOH media through:


  • Pioneering, stylish interface
  • Identify, locate, understand and target your preferred audience with pinpoint accuracy
  • Proprietary technology delivering qualified, real-time audience data
  • Buy OOH in the remotest of markets, at all times
  • Pay the fairest rates.



People make long and short journeys outside the home every day.
You want to target particular groups of consumers effectively during these journeys.


The most valuable sites to you are ones which deliver a precise audience


Disparate OOH suppliers have the inventory to reach these consumers


How do you efficiently buy this media across many markets and guarantee you’re connecting with your audience?

You need a pioneering campaign booking and management system that identifies, locates and understands your customers wherever they are.


Deliver the most tailored communications for your brand.


Use TRAX to guarantee reaching the OOH audiences that matter to your business, target new customers and increase sales.


What features does the TRAX system offer Advertisers?

Connect to your audience with billboards, digital posters, street furniture, and other dynamic formats. The TRAX proprietary audience features help you identify, locate and understand your customers, wherever they are, and deliver tailored communications at the touch of a button.

  • Geo-targeted audience profiling data.
  • Largest database of OOH locations and formats.
  • Multiple market campaign planning and optimization.
Continually assess your OOH investment against past performance and market dynamics. Ensure that all individual purchases are tailored to deliver optimally against your Brand’s objectives. Assess all inventory against third party international standard quality controls and site delivery mechanics, ensuring 100% confidence in campaign performance.

  • Cross-market, International standard site assessment.
  • Secured rate card and cost-management recording.
Leverage the full power of a leading, scalable, multiple channel, enterprise-ready platform that empowers data-led smart decision-making. Go beyond simply cost and location and see WHO your business can reach through Outdoor media.

  • Multi-market, cross-format and unified proprietary audience data.
  • Market oversight and insight.
  • Audience delivery metrics, including Reach, Cost per million and Opportunity to See.
  • Customized analytics dashboards.
Advertisers run the risk of paying for media that has inflated costs, is inadequately delivered or sometimes never delivered at all. TRAX provides in-platform auditing processes that allows continual examination of your OOH trading, based against past activity and market dynamics whilst ensuring all campaigns are delivered on time with ongoing monitoring reports.  

  • Automatic monitoring notifications.
  • Market behavior analysis.
  • Historic activity comparison.
With immediate access to the broadest marketplace for OOH inventory, advertisers can quickly identify media placements that deliver the best return on investment. Use of TRAX minimizes the number of intermediaries and dramatically reduces time-scale to implementation.  

  • Centralized access to 1000’s of diverse media suppliers.
  • Transparent IO process and records.
  • Audience metrics including: Reach, CPM, OTS and Quality Scores.