• Automated sales platform which constantly generates revenue.
  • Instant audience-optimized sales proposals.
  • Connect with hundreds of new clients directly.
  • Supply/demand-led revenue management.
  • Reduce operational expenditure through more efficient systems.


  • Transparent, accountable & auditable OOH transactions globally.
  • Audience-targeted outdoor media proposals within seconds.
  • Access the right vendor, with the right inventory, in any market.
  • Robust data analytics (Reach, CPM’s) for better decision-making.
  • Consumer-grade interface – no more spreadsheets.


The advertising world now demands audience-targeted solutions across all media, which provides results. The future of Outdoor media will be delivering the right product, at the right place, at the right time, to the right person.


The technology to deliver is right here. TRAX can generate a bespoke campaign in seconds, with qualified real-time audience data for each outdoor site. Improve your OOH planning, buying and selling today.




How we help

media sellers

The cutting edge management platform TRAX enables you to couple your inventory with advanced audience data metrics and reach a higher number of qualified customers. Your inventory is managed and monetized quickly and effectively.

How we help

Media Buyers

TRAX provides a transparent and accountable marketplace for buying out-of-home media. TRAX simplifies and expedites the process of planning the right Outdoor inventory to reach your target audience, which can then be purchased across multiple territories through one point of contact, no matter your timezone.

How we help


TRAX delivers an out-of-home media DSP which allows advanced campaign management across multiple brands and audiences. By sourcing the most effective available inventory within seconds, agencies can reduce operational costs and secure more business through greater planning efficiency and more streamlined trading practices.